When selecting a plan you will need to consider your site size and orientation. All Divvy plans can be supplied in a mirrored configuration to improve solar orientation or to gain driveway access. When selecting a plan, think about the spaces you require as materials and finishes can all be reviewed prior to construction.

We appreciate all builds are unique, as such designs can be altered to suit your individual needs. The team at Divvy plans are available to discuss your requirements and vision in achieving your final design. Following discussions with one of our team an obligation free quote for alterations can be provided prior to the purchase of your plans.

Following the selection of a plan, your builder will be the next key component in getting your home 'on the ground'. The team at Divvy Plans has consulted with a number of builders across Australia, conveying the principles of our designs and the level of finish required. Listed builders will be in a position to give you an indication of construction costs and outline the planning guidelines that are relevant in your specific location. If you have an existing relationship with a builder the divvy team would be happy to discuss your plans with them directly.

Following the selection of a plan that suits your needs and site requirements, you will be prompted to provide a project name and site address. The Divvy team will then personalise your plans ready for printing. Following this, your order will be mailed out within 7 business days. Your package will include a comprehensive printed set of A2 plans, a building specification and a PDF drawing set on a USB drive. The plans provided are a complete 'drawing set' and this includes all the necessary design and technical information required by a builder.

With your new plans in hand you will be ready to lodge and application with your local building authority. Your Builder will be able to submit this application for you along with any other supporting documentation that is required. Following an approval you are ready to start building.