Designed with the larger family in mind, this floor plan will still sit comfortably on a medium sized block. The design includes 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas and 3 bathrooms, providing ample space for a growing family. The main entrance is central to the building providing a clear line of sight directly through to the central staircase and on to the backyard beyond. The kitchen and dining room look out over a private courtyard again offering a feeling of increased space and light. These spaces have ceiling heights in excess of 5 metres, opening them up to the floors above. This provides a visual shift between public and private spaces on the first level. This design uses shifting ceiling heights, voids and a variety of different materials to create visual interest. The intent is to provide thought-provoking spaces to move through, entertain and engage in family life.


  • >   Spacious kitchen looking over private courtyard
  • >   Main bedroom with built in robes and en-suite
  • >   Spacious bedrooms with built in robes
  • >   Double garage
  • >   Large rumpus room & private study
  • >   Ceiling voids provide mezzanine spaces throughout the design


  • Width: 13m

  • Depth: 22m

  • Total Dimensions: 308m2

  • Living: 266m2

  • Garage: 39.5m2

  • Patio: 2.5m2

$2,995GST inc.