Q: Are there any mechanical services plans supplied?

A: We supply an electrical and lighting layout that can be reviewed with your building contractor and altered to suit your needs. Air conditioning plans are not supplied and we recommend discussing this with your building contractor at the beginning of your project.

Q: Can I use my own builder?

A: If you have a relationship with an existing builder that is a great start. The Divvy team are willing to speak directly with building contractors to discuss the documentation provided and process involved in getting your new home 'on the ground'.


Q: Can I use the design more than once?

A: The purchase of a Divvy plan allows you to use the design once in a single location. The Divvy team would be willing to look at discounted rates for multiple orders on request. When placing your order you will be prompted to provide an individual project name and address for the plans.

Q: Can the plans be supplied in a mirrored configuration?

A: Yes, the plans can be mirrored to allow for driveway access on either side of the property. You may also choose to mirror the plans to achieve a more appropriate solar orientation. There is no additional charge for providing the mirrored version of any Divvy plan.


Q: Can we make alterations to the design?

A: The Divvy design team can tailor the design to suit your individual needs and budget. Alteration services are charged at an hourly rate and fee estimates can be provided by contacting the Divvy team prior to purchasing your plans.

Q: How long will it take to receive my plans?

A: Following payment and excluding any alterations you require, your A2 plans and USB containing the PDF drawing set and specification will be mailed out to you within 7 business days.


Q: What are the additional costs after I purchase the plan?

A: Following the purchase of the plans you will need to submit a planning application with your local council. The fees associated with this application will vary depending on the value of the building selected. Common fees associated with a building approvals are - Council fees, (CITB) Levy and a house energy star rating. During the application process you will be asked to supply engineering specifications for the design. All Divvy plans have been reviewed by an engineer to minimise the time and costs involved in this process. However, as soil conditions and wind speeds are specific to individual locations an engineering footing report and review of spans and bracing must be provided for each design. Your builder will be able to provide you with a fee proposal for an engineering review.

Q: What are the construction costs of the various plans?

A: The finished construction cost will vary depending on the design you choose, the level of finish you select and the location in which you build. We recommend discussing your individual requirements and budget with your builder. Divvy plans offers a list of builders familiar with our designs and product.


Q: What is included in the package?

A: The package includes a set of printed A2 plans containing over 15 pages of documentation including Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details and Joinery layouts. The specification and a PDF drawing set are included on a USB drive.

Q: What is involved in the council application process?

A: Planning and building approval is a requirement of local councils throughout Australia. The individual brochure for each design provides relevant information on floor areas, building heights and forms. Your builder will be able to lodge and manage the planning application for you. However, we advise you assess the plans against the relevant local guidelines before lodgement. It is at this point the Divvy alteration service may be helpful in achieving planning approval.


Q: What other consultants will I need to engage?

A: In order to gain building approval you will need to engage additional consultants. Your building contractor will be able to outline the consultants required for your individual situation. Some examples of these consultants are as follows: - Engineers, Planners, Energy Rating consultants and private certifiers.